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October 2016 Things

Last week started by meeting Imre at his favourite Indian restaurant. He claimed to have lost a few kilos before tucking into a ‘full’ lunch! It was nice to see him again and hear news of family and friends in his native Hungary. He even brought me two presents – as you can see from the photo.

One is bottle of dessert wine from Tokaji. I have been there a few times and sampled its wines.I shall open this bottle the next time I have a meal with some nice ladies – whose names start with J and J :-))  The other was a large bottle of dry white wine from Szeged. Very tasty.

On Friday I visited Birgit’s grave with her sister, Heike. Birgit would have been 64 on that day. It is also the day marking the death of my father in 2004. Later we went to the Bömisches Restaurant. Heike likes to go there when she visits Berlin. Next day I visited Oldie H and found him in better health. I also got a letter from Alan and Lynne from New Zealand. Alan described the flight and house they are staying in as well as meeting sons, wives and grandchildren. I felt to be there as I read his text.

Who has a birthday in October ?
Nephew Andrew will be 39 on the 5th, nephew Warren will be 40 on the 12th, my little sister Frances hits 70 on the 14th WOW! Falk will celebrate with family on the 15th, my now neighbour Marita will be 66 on the 21st – I’m sure we’ll have a few glasses of sekt then. Dianne in Yorkshire will be 70 on the 27th and Tanja in London ends the list when she celebrates her big day on the 31st.
Happy Birthday to all and each. Have a great time with family and friends!!