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More Please

I can’t get enough of this weather. More please! I’m afraid the forecast is for it to end tomorrow with rain and only 20°C over the weekend. No….I want more sun and blue skies. I don’t know about where you live but here in Berlin the locals change with the weather. The even smile more in addition to drinking more Berliner Pilsner! They look better in light summer clothes and are more relaxed with each other.

It is very dry and the leaves are falling from the trees even with 30°C and blue skies. The trees clearly know what to do and when! I took this photo of my favourite tree in the garden only one hour ago. It shelters us when we have breakfast or coffee and cakes there. I do not know if you can see but there are lots of dried, brown leaves on the grass.

I’m listening to BBC Radio 3 at the moment to a piece called “II Trionfo del tempo e del disinganno” by Georg Frideric Handel. A German composer who happily settled in Brexitland and was a great success. The title translates as “The triumph of time and enlightenment’ and it was his first oratoria. Written for four voices and is a tale of the fragile nature of beauty when faced with time. Yes, I know this well :-))

Since settling back into Berlin I have read four books. Here you can see three of them. The fourth is in German and I gave it to an Oldie yesterday. At the moment I am reading a collection of short stories in German, a book about German Grammar and dipping into my Spanish course book when I have the courage!

This morning I finished a book while enjoying the sun on my balcony, then had a haircut, and went to the bank. This week started with teaching English on Monday and Tuesday, having Kaffee und Kuchen with an Oldie, watching political programmes on TV for there is an election in Berlin this weekend.

Tomorrow I join Kerstin and the Keep-Fit Oldies, then meet Daniel for an English session. Saturday is meeting my Muggelsee Gang for a Bowling session and Sunday is Election Day. This starts for me with a concert at The Konzerthaus at 11.00 am. I shall vote after that then get ready for another week.