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Warm Week

Its been an ideal, sunny, warm week here with temperatures between 27 and 32°C. I even noted that the sun was shining in Silsden! as I bought myself a pair of summer shoes last Monday. The forecast here is for it to continue until Thursday.

What have I been doing since my last post? On Monday I wrote a lesson plan and headed to the AWO building to meet my Monday Oldies. Most were there, two still on holiday and one new member. A really happy reunion. The same on Tuesday and they all happily went home with homework to do!

On Wednesday I dozed in the sun in the garden then went on a bicycle ride to get a bit of excercise and movement. In the evening Father F. from my family arrived with son 2 and daughter P. He wanted to use my internet cable to update his Windows operating system to Windows 10. The kids just wrote, drew images, ate cakes and smiled:-)) We could not download the update and neither of us knew why not.

On Thursday, Oldie Herman braved the warm weather and decided to visit me. For him it was a big adventure involving using his mobile zimmer frame. Not sure that is the correct name but it has wheels and he can sit on the top of it when he is tired. He also enjoyed sitting in the shade in the garden and having a light lunch followed by an afternoon doze. It’s all part of being a certain age!

On Friday I met Kerstin and her Training Oldies and noted I need to return to more regular training. Problems with knees even after cycling. In the evening I went to a welcome party for the new tenants of the flats recently built in front of where I live. I am also their representative  at housing association meetings. Really nice people, food and even a glass of cold beer.

Yesterday afternoon I met all of the Family and we went to a big shopping centre at Köpenick. It is two S-Bahn stations down the line. They had never been there before. We met Werner and his wife Herta. First stop was at a large electrical shop where I bought a new electric cable for my laptop. We then went to a large ice-cream parlour where everyone tucked in – except me for I do not eat ice-cream. We then bought sports shorts and T-shirts for the boys before more window shopping and the journey home.

In a few hours I shall take the S-Bahn system to travel to Andrea’s home. There I shall enjoy lunch with guests to celebrate her birthday in the sun shine. One image in this post is of me sitting with Gabi during the ride to Bremen. It is her 50th birthday today and I know she is planning a BIG party. Hope the sun continues to shine there :-))