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Oldies visit Oldie

Yes, it finally happened last Thursday afternoon. The morning started with sun, blue skies and a visit from Angelika for a chat with coffee and cakes in the garden. Marita joined us. Later, Angelika dropped me off at my local U-Bahn station. One Oldie and his son were waiting for me there.

This Oldie is Horst and he is all of 81, but looks much younger. He also goes to Kerstin’s Keep Fit Sessions for Oldies. He left his wife at home to look after their dog and arrived with his son, who kindly donated the old laptop for The Family. His name is Thomas.

We set off for Hönow where, as you should know by now, Oldie Hermann lives. We caught a local bus to his place. Hermann’s cousin was visiting him by chance, and it was nice to talk to her again. Hermann had got the dates mixed up for our visit but that wasn’t important. We had brought all the cakes and sekt we needed for the visit.

Over coffee and cakes we exchanged news, heard about future holiday plans, talked about the past (of course!) and took a few photos. Here are two. The first is of me posing and the other is of two Oldies and a Not-Yet-Oldie. We were able to sit in Hermann’s garden as we chatted and enjoyed the late summer weather.  A happy Oldie meeting which we hope to repeat before the cold and snow arrive.