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A Special Breakfast

I’ve just had what can only be described as the perfect, lazy, tasty and entertaining breakfast. I agreed to play host some weeks ago and watched the weather open the week with dull grey skies, cool temperatures and some rain. Then things began to look up yesterday..

It is now 29°C and with not a cloud in a picture book blue sky. The good news is that it will get even hotter over the next four days. Endlich Sommer!! Breakfast was scheduled for 10.00 am and I had already covered the tables and benches in the garden by then,
including adding soft cushions!

My guests duly arrived on time. Jutta came with Johanna and Colin. The latter are cousins and Colin is visiting from the south east of Australia. Shortly after, Marita arrived with a couple of cool bottles of sparkling wine of the best quality. Time to start breakfast!

We sipped, chewed, swallowed, talked, made jokes, laughed and just enjoyed every moment and being with each other. The event lasted four hours and I was sad to see them leave but we have agreed a couple of dates to meet up again and just enjoy being together. Hope your breakfast was as nice :-))