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Yorkshire English -1

I feel to be back into life in Berlin after my recent gallops. Replying to e-mails and telephone calls, writing appointments in my diary and I notice that September is filling up mainly with SPD things for there is an election coming up. Planning a nice big breakfast in my garden on Thursday. I shall tell you all about that later.

This morning I also got a call from Ian and Birgit all the way from Ozland. We covered a range of topics during which Birgit said I was speaking northern English after my time there. That really made me smile. Not true of course, but it pushed me into writing this post earlier than planned.

Now settle down for your first lesson in Yorkshire English, and that includes you, Birgit ! Read out the sample sentences below and keep practicing and focus on the sounds. Ready? Lesson 1 takes you from A to F.  Here we go —

Addle – `Ows t“e addle `is brass?

Ax – nivver ax a copper t`way
Aye – aye it’s a fine neet
Bagsy – bagsy me first
Bahn – weer to bahn ?  + weer  ‘as ta bahn?
Bide – ah can’t bide that lad ahr Lizzie’s courtin
Bob – ahm just bobbin out t’ t’ pub for a quick’n + If thar Bob dusn’t gi’ ahr Bob t’bob that thar Bob owes ahr Bob then ahr Bob ‘ll bob round t’thar Bob’s an’ gi’ thar Bob a bob on t’nose !
Brass – Wen lads ‘ave brass ther’re men, wen ther’re spent up there’re lads again
Buck – None o’ thar buck lad!
Capt – ahm fair capt to see thee agen
Chelp – stop thi bairn chelpin, this ‘ere’s a library
Choose ah/ow – ah cudn’t get the lock undone choose ah
Clock – ahl clock thee
Fair – fair t’middlin
Fettlin’ – cum on lads get fettling
Flagstoan – its crackin’ t’flags
Frame – frame laddie or it’s door!