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Family OK

I haven’t seen my/our family for over six weeks. Yes, that is how long I have been away so it was nice to get a call from father F. when I returned from my Garden tour with the SPD Oldies. We agreed to meet on Wednesday afternoon in the area outside the Refugee Home where they live.

There is tight security and you can only enter the Refugee Home with a pass. That goes for the refugees and it is even harder for non-refugees like me to enter. I usually meet the family in the green/field area outside the entrance to the complex.

We met there on Wednesday and I was pleased to see the boys had just had a proper haircut instead of father shaving their heads! Seems like my influence has had some effect. I gave the daughter some rings and earrings I had been given by a member of one of my Oldie Gangs. She will give them to her mother.

Mother is not very well. She is depressed and now goes to a doctor. That is a reaction to life in the Refugee Home. It is not easy for five people to live in a space about as large as my living room and with no privacy, queuing for a wash/shower, use of a toilet and no cooking facilities.

I gave them a bag of clothes given by Gabi in Bremen. The boys really liked the sports shorts/trousers. Father keeps asking me for a laptop and it seems possible that one of my contacts may offer one. Not sure yet for I am sill negotiating. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, I am taking father and the boys on a bicycle tour to the lakes east of Berlin on Sunday. I have some donations to pay for travel and a meal but that will not be enough. I’m sure nice generous people will donate more in the future. Meanwhile, thanks Gabi and you can see how happy they were with your gift.