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Bot Garden

The long name is ‘ Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin – Dahlem’. I went there last Tuesday after returning from Bremen on Monday evening. My head was still full of Bremen sights and sounds as I got out of bed and ready for a day in this interesting garden.

It was organised by my SPD Oldies. We met at 11.00 am and set off in three cars. Normally there are more but many were still on holiday or visiting family. Even with only 12 members we had a really good day.

We finally arrived at the Garden but some of the gang in a car were missing. Mobile phones did not help for no-one had the number of the driver! Mmmmhhh makes you think about always being in contact via the so called ‘smart phones’.

We later found them for they had entered the Garden at a different point. Just shows that Oldies should follow the direction guides and do not need to buy ‘smart phones’ :-))

Having found each other we stopped for a coffee and a chat. No surprise there! After that we wandered into all the greenhouses and saw all the plants, flowers and trees most of which are not native to Germany. I took a few photos for you to see a sample of what is available.

You may remember that I was in Dublin early May for my birthday and I reported on my visit to Dublin Botanical Garden. I found the Berlin one very similar in layout and architecture plus many of the plants and flowers in the gardens and greenhouses. Well worth a visit and put this on your places to visit/see when you are next in Berlin.