Left bed

To Kirchweyhe

Countdown now to the train tomorrow to Kirchweyhe to visit Holger and Gabi. Select the clothes to take, don’t forget to pack razor and deodorant, camera and take wallet! I think I’ll do that when I return home this evening.

Going to Johanna’s in a couple of hours. Reason is to welcome her cousin Colin who flew in from Australia yesterday. I don’t think he will be jet-lagged for he was a Qantas Airline pilot before he retired! He wants to improve his German so this the best place to do just that for he has family and friends to support him.

I also hope to spend time with him on my return, perhaps another visit to Poland and some bicycle tours around Berlin. Perhaps he will ask me about my recent adventures in Brexitland for he follows this blog and is international in outlook.

Please note there will  be no blog posts until at least next Tuesday. Meanwhile you can enjoy looking at a couple of photographs of two gentlemen taken in Silsden. Can you work out who they are and whose idea it was to appear in animal guise?  Answers on a postcard to ….. er…like ………