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August 2016 Things

Snoozed into August after the return from Cambridge and a pleasant active day yesterday. I spent it with Nicholas, Julie and family. We met in Silsden, then walked around the corner to see Silsden Gala procession.

It is more years than I wish to remember since I last saw it. The weather was good in that it did not rain! It was great to see so many children enjoying the events and taking part in the procession. We went into the park where the amusements were and saw at least a thousand people entering the area.

We then drove to an area near Keighley where I am sure I have never been before. Full of those “Dark Satanic Hills” – and decaying mills! I tried to imagine what it would have been like to live there 200 or more years ago. I couldn’t and I cannot imagine how the people who did live there survived. We had a traditional lunch before setting off again. This time it was to a pub in Addingham where I sampled a local traditional bitter beer. Nick joined me and we agreed it was very drinkable 🙂

Today I am looking for someone I went to school with and later meeting Andrew for a drink and chat. Tomorrow is an eye/glasses check followed later by a visit to Betty’s Tea Rooms in Ilkley. Not long to go before I start to pack my bag for the return flight to Berlin.

I sign out with an image from nephew Andrew. The words can be applied to the current generation who cannot speak without saying LIKE every two words, and to those who cannot live without staring into, prodding or swiping a smartphone for 16 or more hours a day!!

Who has a birthday in August?  Shirley in Florida and Christian D. in Berlin start us off with their birthdays on the 1st August. Beatrix D. will be 43 on the 6th, Jerome will be all of 22 on the 8th. Jürgen in Juterbog will be 72 on the 24th, Angelika hits 64 on the 25th followed by my dear sister Pauline in Cambridge who will celebrate her 72nd on the 26th. Dieter in Juterbog celebrates his 72nd with Jürgen on the 27th and my Jan will be all of 33 on the 28th. He shares this day with Bernard P who will be 56 on that day and they end this birthday month. Happy Birthday to each and all!!!