Left bed

Red Plonk

Recovering from a rather busy couple of days in and around Cambridge. Cousin Barbara gets an extra banana for superb driving there and back in her new car. We covered a lot of ground in only two days but on reflection it seems even more.

We started in rain, grey skies and then more rain. We had earlier booked rooms in a village inn north-east of Cambridge. A good choice and price. In the evening we visited nephew John and his family in Soham. I think it was my first visit but he said it was my second. He’s wrong but I didn’t argue!

Really warm welcome there and I was even offered copious amounts of red wine in a rather nice glass. See for yourself in this photo. Next day we went to Ely and said hello to the cathedral. It was Barbara’s first visit there. She enjoyed it and plans to return to see more of the town and all it has to offer.

Onto Cambridge and lunch at a nice pub/restaurant at the end of the road where sister Pauline lives. She arrived just as we finished lunch in the garden. Yes, the sun was shining by then. She brought a warm smile to make the reunion even better as we caught up on news. I shall be posting more about these days in future blog posts.

After our goodbyes it was into the car and the long(ish) journey back to Silsden. Last night I couldn’t sleep very well so I have felt ‘groggy’ all day. Tomorrow I shall be meeting nice people to enjoy Silsden Gala. Tell you about that later.