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Settled into Silsden

After enjoying the grill party I returned to Silsden and my nephew’s house for a period of settling into Silsden life. I notice that when I go out, talk to people in shops, post office, bus, on the street they smile and reply but I can see a flicker in their eyes of ‘he’s not from around here’.

Yes, I have now settled into life in Silsden. You just need time. I’ve been to Keighley and Skipton a few times, noticed that bus travellers during the day are mostly Oldies and have the same bus pass I have for free travel in the area. School holidays started last Monday so there are more kids and mothers on the street and in the shops.

I have learnt how to use the washing machine in the house, got washing powder from Barbara and even iron the clothes for I need a couple of things in my bag for tomorrow I am off to Cambridge for a couple of days. Barbara and I have booked rooms in an inn north-east of Cambridge. We could not book in the area we wanted for there is a Folks Festival starting tomorrow and all the places are booked out.

Today I went for a walk in the local park, noted that Silsden Gala will take place this Sunday, took photos of the locals doing different things in the park and had a talk to Donald Duck. Yes, the stream/beck area in front of the post office is full of them. The kids come there to feed them. Donald and his friends have settled there and just wait for the kids to arrive. Here is a photo.

Hope to post on Saturday on my return. Thanks to my regulars for we have just crossed 61,000 hits!