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Whiskey Pie

I wonder if anyone has ever made a pork pie with whiskey in it. Not a bad idea. Perhaps I should stay in Brexitland and open a whiskey-pie business.

I’ve been here a week now. Landed at Leeds Airport where F,G, and W were waiting for me – plus two dogs! No surprise where we went to first. You guessed right. It was Harry Ramsden’s Fish ‘n Chips Palace.

I’m staying in Warren’s house near ‘ta beck’ in Silsden. One of the first things I had to learn was when and where the reduced bus service went from/to. Silsden really is a dormitory town now with the streets full of cars, but the larger SUVs seem very popular.

I went to my local bank to see how much I could spend. Had a nice chat with my ‘Personal Advisor’ and she even increased the amount of interest I get on my saving account :-)) I had a gallop to Ilkley and Skipton to visit a number of jewellers. I was surprised at how much the price of gold has shot up since the Brexit vote.

I visited Beautiful Barbara. She is my cousin and you know she is one of the two people I write this blog for. We had a good chat over a glass of el vino. She reminded me that I had stored a rare bottle of whisky in Fran and Geoff’s cellar. I had forgotten. She bought it for my ‘special’ birthday some years ago. It really is a special brew. I wonder if I should add it to a pork pie! I cannot take it back to Berlin, so I shall share it with friends on my travels. Na, Prost!