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Blog Problem

Hello Blog Readers,
I am having problems to transfer photos from my camera to my laptop. Not sure where the problem is. I have a ‘hama USB 2.Card Reader’. I connect that to my aging MacBook and no light comes on. When I put my camera SDHC card into the Card Reader………… nothing happens! Something is not compatible with something else.

I have some nice photos to share with you once I have sorted out this problem. Perhaps I need to buy a new Card Reader. It certainly is cheaper than buying a new laptop :-((

I’m okay and finding my feet in nephew Warren’s house in the centre of the universe. It’s called Silsden.  Will post when I have sorted out the photo transfer problem. Oh, to be in Brexitland now that summer is here. Yes, we had 32°C today. I couldn’t believe it. Nor could the locals :-))

Back in Business. Thanks Geoff for the loan of your Card Reader. Here is a nice reminder of what the future may hold for the Brexiters :-))