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One Year

Tomorrow will mark one year since Jan and Arancha married in Oviedo, which is in the far north of Spain. What a weekend and what a wedding that was! I could do it all over again. When I look at the wedding photos I relive every minute.

I flew to Madrid, then Oviedo and found Alan and Lynne waiting for me at the hotel. The wedding, reception and big party next day were incredible. I wonder how they are going to celebrate tomorrow.

Here is a photo of the happy couple. I took it when they later came to Berlin for his sister’s wedding. I recently bought a couple of gold rimmed frames for photographs. They deserve to be framed in gold!

Tomorrow I am off to Hönow to visit Oldie H. Still having breathing problems but he agreed to go on a slow walk with me in the afternoon. He can only go on walks when he has someone with him. After that I shall get on my bike and cycle to Altlandsberg to enjoy an evening of grilling with friends there.  Have a nice Sunday no matter where you are :-))