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New Flights

This morning I went to my local travel agent. In a short time he found flights via KLM to Amsterdam then to Leeds/Bradford Airport. I agreed and made the booking. I am flying to the UK on Tuesday 12th July and return on Thursday 4th August.

I plan further travel on my return but more of that later. I have changed my internal travel plans in the UK by cutting out travel to the south. I shall focus on the north and midlands. Well, it is the heart of pork pie and fish ‘n chips culture!!

Everyone in Berlin thinks I am in Brexitland so it is very quiet. I plan a few bicycle trips in the next days. Also nice to just wander around the countryside outside Berlin. Flat and very green. Local restaurants and pubs are also interesting for the range of local traditional foods they offer as well as architecture and decoration.

I have had a number of ‘mealy-mouthed’ apologies from easyJet, but they still have not paid the promised refund. Do I really have to go to court about this, or is it just a game of bluff to see who gives up first?