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July 2016 Things

Just got back from lunch with Imre, Yes, he is back in town and planning a holiday in Hungary to see family and friends. We’ve agree to meet early August to catch up on news. We ate at/in his favourite Indian restaurant and were greeted by the owner. He is a Punjabi Sikh and happy that I have been to Punjab and visited the Golden Temple at Amritsar a number of times.

On reaching home I put on the TV to see Ireland play France. The latter won 2:1 but it was a good game. While watching that with one eye, I wrote e-mails, made a number of calls to the UK, selected which address cards to take among other things. I think it is called ‘multi-tasking’ in modern parlance!

All quiet at the moment. Germany is closing down for a couple of hours. Why? Need you ask? The German National Football Team will be playing in half an hour. Of course Germany will win :-)) I don’t multi-task’ when they play but after I shall continue the work of packing for my flight to Brexitland tomorrow. That is why I am writing this post earlier than usual.
UPDATE: Germany 3 – Slovakia 0

Who has a birthday in July? Laura Bolton starts the month with her 20th on the 1st July and not far away from Silsden. Jutta will be 67 on the 2nd in Berlin and will celebrate with Gerald and friends. On the 3rd, Jan and Arancha will celebrate their first wedding anniversary – what a weekend that was! My Acer laptop will be 5 on the 6th and is now showing signs of age! On the 24th you can all break out bottles of Champagne to celebrate with me. Yes, exactly 4 years since I got German citizenship. I saw the rise of the Brexit mentality very early! Adele ends the month with her birthday on the 26th and not far from Silsden. I wonder if I shall celebrate it with her and family.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to each and all no matter where you are. Prost!!