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Die Ausstellung

This afternoon I went to the Photoshop Gang meeting led by Stefan. This time there was a difference. It was our Ausstellung = exhibition. Yes, the public can now look at our work for the next couple of months.

Our theme was ‘Berlin from above’ which we then played around and made changes using Photoshop technology. Stefan had printed out postcards of our work for the public to take home and use. He also added them to a visual programme to show on TV which visitors could see when they enter the building.

We met up and started the event with a glass or two of sekt, then guests wandered around the exhibition looking at our work. Later we relaxed in the meeting room to enjoy a light meal. This was followed by readings of poems and texts.

This started with the theme of Berlin from above, which was our theme. This was then developed into other aspects of Berlin.words. Then I had to leave to meet Daniel for an English session.

I arrived to find him at my door and dressed in appropriate summer clothes. Yes, summer has finally arrived in Berlin. Today was the third day of temperatures hovering around 34°C. Blue sky with no clouds and I love it! I can sweat my way through weeks of such weather. It can’t get too hot for me for when it is hot I think of minus temperatures in winter.

Later I made a number of telephone calls about my future visit to the UK. I think I shall hear a lot about the Brexit decision to leave the EU when I am in the UK. It was no surprise. For a couple of months I have told German friends that the result would be 53% to leave. I was almost correct in my forecast. How could I have been so correct? The answer is that I know my Brits!