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Another Blast

Another ‘Blast from the Past’ surfaced this week. It was Dennis. We hadn’t met for 8 years. He took his family from Prague to the north of California, where he had got a good job. I had no address or telephone number. Only an e-mail address which he changed. End of contact.

He decided to take the family to his in-laws in Prague for a holiday and then spend a few days in Berlin looking up old contacts. He located me via Marita who passed on a message he had left in her postbox. We met last Thursday evening, went to my favourite Italian restaurant, watched the German – Poland football match and caught up on news.

We arranged to meet yesterday evening. I cooked a meal based on fish and Dennis enjoyed a cool Berliner Pilsner before the meal, as you can see from the photo. Lots more talking and I got all his current contact details. He also invited me to stay at his family house in California. I shall certainly give that offer a lot of thought!

Now I am going to put on appropriate clothes to attend a Baroque Music concert with wine tasting. Meeting friends, then off to Potsdam for the event.  Hope you have a pleasant Sunday.