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My Home is a Villa

There is a saying in British English as follows: “My Home is my Castle”. This is not appropriate for Marcel. He can say, “My Home is my Villa”, which is true. We met last Wednesday at 3:30 pm at the U-Bahn station near his university main building. He took me to another complex of buildings across the road from the main one.

At the top we emerged into a dining room for students, staff and visitors. I enjoyed a late lunch of fish, spinach, and white sauce with onions and spices. Very tasty and not expensive. Must go there again! Marcel had just finished lessons hence the late lunch.

I really enjoyed the view and took some photos to add to my collection of ‘Berlin from above’. Talking of which, some of my work on this theme will go on exhibition next Friday. Other works by my Photoshop Gang will be on display.

After taking a few shots we left for Marcel’s abode. I had not been there before although he moved last January. We took the bus to Zehlendorf. This is in the south-west part of Berlin heading towards Potsdam. From my place it can take from 60 to 90 minutes to get there. It is one of the ‘better’ Berlin suburbs. Nice old buildings, shops, trees and gardens along the roads. I thought I had arrived in a village!

Here is a shot of his home. Yes, it is a villa and built for a wealthy family many years ago. It now houses 9 students. Each has a room and there is a library, meeting room, guest room, kitchens and a nice garden to relax in. Marcel has a big attic room. You can see the front windows of his room in the photo – top right nearly hidden by leaves.

Many students are ‘sporty’ and this has influenced Marcel. He does more sports now and has even taken up fencing!   I look forward to my next visit when I hope there will not be a succession of storms!