Left bed

Dinglish present

Last Monday I met my ‘English-Gang-1’ for the last time. They are traveling to many countries for holidays and some to see family in the US and Canada. I am also looking forward to a long summer break and we plan to start lessons again in the first week of September.

They have built up very close relationships to each other since we started last September and they asked for a party. I agreed. What an atmosphere. Lots of jokes, laughter and happy faces, There were also nice things to eat and drink!

As we cleared up to go home, one of them gave a little speech thanking me for my work and handed me a present. Their thanks were on the Irish flag and there were chocolates from the Guinness company. I didn’t know they made chocs! One of the group was recently in Ireland. The main present was a duvet cover and pillow case displaying a fine example of Dinglish.

It is a word for word translation from German and like many other Dinglish sentences, it has no sense in English! Here you can see how it looks on my bed. Thanks to all and I look forward to sleeping in the “yellow from the egg”!