Left bed

Carpet Muscles

I told you earlier that I had bought two carpets. After that all I had to do was organise ‘muscle power’. Marcel was on the list but I had to wait until he had a free day and that was last Sunday. He came with Kyrill, a fellow student and ex-flat mate. I organised Daniel.

Starting time was 2.00pm and I spent the morning moving all the clothes, books and other things out of the bedroom. Many things landed on the balcony. After ‘liquid refreshment’ the muscles got to work. As you may know from experience it takes time to lay a carpet correctly and cut the edges.

Kyrill turned out to be an expert at such things, particularly cutting the edges. As two picked up furniture another rolled the carpet under and away we went. After the bedroom there was another break for refreshments and then into the living room.

This was harder because of the furniture and lots of cables and wires, but they managed it. By 7.00 pm all was completed and it was time to feed the muscles. We went to my local Italian restaurant and they were my guests. They tucked in with great gusto and put energy back into their muscles. Lots of interesting conversation as well.

Collectively they speak six languages so I asked  why they had only spoken English all the time. Daniel replied quickly that they took the opportunity to practice the language with a native speaker. A logical answer.

 Now I am getting ready to meet Marcel at his uni then see his ‘new’ student room. He moved in last January but I haven’t seen it yet. I wonder what the carpet looks like :-))