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D-R Fest

Last weekend there was the annual German-Russian Festival in the racecourse area in the south of Karlshorst. Thousands of people attend the many festivities and events. I posted about it last year when I went there. I like the mixture of languages, food, drinks, events, shows and entertainment.

Daniel came for his usual English lesson and after we went to the first night of the Festival. It was good to have someone with me who understands Russian culture and speaks the language. I wanted to eat ‘typical’ Russian food and there were lots of offers.

We found one and I ordered a number of dishes with a glass of beer. Daniel drank only water. He ate the food but said it was not ‘pure’ Russian. It had been changed for Berlin taste. I have the same problem when I want to eat in an Indian restaurant. All I get is ‘India-meets-Berlin-dishes-and-tastes’.

We went all over the area and saw all the things on offer. This included Daniel posing with a man who I think was dressed as a Cossack. Correct me someone if I am wrong. A really relaxed and pleasant evening. There is nothing to compare to it in, or anywhere around, Silsden!