Left bed

I’ve got 2

Yes, I have two of them! I’m talking about new carpets – what else?  They were delivered by two muscular gents: They climbed the stairs with a carpet on a shoulder as if it were a 1 kilo bag of potatoes. Amazing! My appreciation was shown by a donation for a beer when work was over. They were happy with my choice.

I planned to buy new carpets at the start of January this year. I now do not have a car and so am dependent on others to get me to the large furniture stores on the edges of Berlin. Promises given but not kept so Mathias stepped into the breach and offered to take me to a store near to where he lives.

We met this morning at 10.00 and went to the store. I got very good service from a small and ’roundish’ salesman who liked to practice saying hello and goodbye in English. At least he remembered something from his schooldays :-))

Now I am organising the time and place to get young men with muscles, such as Marcel and Daniel, to do the hard work of moving furniture and placing the carpets on the floor. I shall direct operations from the sidelines.