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June 2016 Things

It’s been an interesting month with rather strange weather as we advance into summer. A lot of hot humid hours followed by heavy rain and thunder/lightening. The same is forecast for the rest of the week and over the weekend. I enjoyed hot, sunny bits when I could sit on my balcony, read a book, sip a cup of tea or coffee and even snooze in the sun before I had to escape from a storm.

This afternoon I had the last lesson with my Tuesday Oldies. My lesson plan stayed on the table as they decided to relax with a few drinks, snacks and lots of talk covering many topics. My contribution was showing photos of my Dublin visit and talking about that. We also talked about their plans for summer. Very interesting and I look forward to meeting them again early September to hear about their adventures.

My Tuesday started as usual by meeting Maria in the classroom. We have a ‘tandem’ meeting, but most of the time we talk in English as she helps me with my Spanish homework, or tries to explain the language. Here is a photo of my helper. She said a camera does not like her, but I think this one did!

Who has a birthday in June 2016? Nicholas B. in Crosshills starts with his big day on the 3rd June. My iMac will be 9 years old on 6th June and it is still going strong except the some programmes cannot be updated and cannot open on some sites. Teresa P. in Berlin has her birthday on 23rd, Oldie Hermann will be 79 on the 25th and ends our birthday month. Cheers and happy birthday to each!

Not to forget a special couple on 19th June = my father would have been 104 and my mother 98 on that day. Interesting that they shared the same day but with six years between. I’m going to a special Baroque Concert in Potsdam with wine tasting on that day. Looking forward to that!