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Now for some chip vocabulary for the Silsdeners. Pommes frites is French and means chips.  For the Amis it means French Fries. The Germans have taken over the French words and reduced them to Pommes. The German for fish and chips is Bratfisch mit Pommes. Key words in learning another language :-))

On Thursday afternoon I met my ‘kids’ outside the Refugee Home where they live. Papa was also there. I left a large bag of shoes and clothes for his wife with him, given by a nice lady in my Kerstin Gang. The kids asked to return to the nearby park on their bicycles. The family now has two full size bikes since our last tour.

The boys jumped onto the big bikes, sister P2 onto her little bike and off we went. I always cycle at the back with big brother A1 up front. That way I can keep an eye on them and make sure they are okay. We stopped at a nearby Aldi where I bought reserve cakes, biscuits, fruit drinks for the kids.

A1 remembered the way and we entered the park as the sun began to shine.  I shouted, “Stop” as we neared a snack bar where they had previously eaten ice cream. I asked them what they wanted to eat. It was interesting to hear them say ice cream then A2 asked me what Pommes means. I told him and he said he wanted that. The others immediately changed to Pommes. I joined them.

We played a little game as we waited for the Pommes. I asked them where I had been. They did not know. I asked them what/where Dublin is. They didn’t know. I had paper and a pen so collectively we drew a map of Europe and added all the countries with their capitals. A2 knew more that his big brother and little sister. Interesting. And then four portions of Pommes arrived with ketchup.

They tucked in with great gusto. After, we went to the play area and I left them to enjoy what they wanted. It was great to sit back and just see them being kids. No cultural or language differences. They enjoyed it like all kids their age regardless of where in the world. I ‘glowed’ as I watched them play.

Then slowly back to the Home and return them to Papa. We have arranged to meet next Thursday when I shall take the boys for a haircut. It will be a new experience for both! Papa has always shaved their heads before = no money for a haircut. I’ll let you know what happens!