Left bed

Daniel the Designer

Daniel came for an English lesson this morning. The topic was plus and minus about going to another country for a year as a young person. He wrote a good initial text which we improved after a round of tea, cake and something special.

Yes, a new delivery of Grandpa’s Special Brew in an innocent looking 1 litre soft drink plastic bottle. It was distilled from red wine, had a reddish tinge and gave you a ‘reddish hit’ when you drank a shot! It is at least  60° proof. Great way to start an English lesson 🙂

After that Daniel helped me to make some changes in my living room. He donned his special Designer Hat for that!  He didn’t like parts of my layout and wanted to rescue my silver and India collection from the cellar. I admit they have been packed away for over 20 years.

We started with my silver collection. I cleaned the pieces and put them on display. Daniel did not like that. The wrong place. We cleared the nearly 100 year old cupboard top to make room for the silver. We had to move all the electronic things to under another very old piece of furniture.

Here you can see before and after photos. Daniel looks happier in the ‘after’ photo! I now have to clean all my India collection so he can organise them on his visit on Friday of next week.

Thanks for your help today Herr Designer. Wonder what you will do next time!