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Mundane Blog

The word mundane can mean weltlich, alltäglich or banal in German.  I received it as a compliment so we can take the meaning of ‘alltäglich’ in German. Who sent me this word?

His name is Neil Deane and he lives with his better half in Essen. For the Silsdeners let me explain that this town was part of an industrial centre in the west of Germany.

What did he write? He sent me a birthday card starting, ‘Dear John, Hooked on your letter from Berlin. You make the mundane interesting‘. Now how about that for praise? And it comes from a man who teaches English in a university and finishing off his third book!

I knew he was busy with the book but I now have a title. It is, ‘Liverpool: A Personal Odyssey in the Pool of Life’. Should be available to purchase late summer. I have copies of his previous books so I shall be first in the queue when it hits the shops.

I am sure I shall comment on it in a future post. Meanwhile, prost Neil and have some flowers from Dublin. As you know, it is not far from Liverpool :-)))