Left bed


And lo it came to pass that I packed my ‘wheelie’ bag, took 2 S-Bahn trains and a bus to arrive at Tegel Airport. I live in the south-east of Berlin and Tegel is in the north-west of Berlin. I had luck with connections so it only took me one hour to get from home to entering the airport.

I checked-in at the Aer Lingus desk and got a seat in row 12 which offers lots of leg room. With a thrombosis risk and vein problems such things are important. In the duty free shop I discovered I could buy 10 bottles of whiskey/gin to take to Dublin. I quickly recovered from that shock and bought a bottle of Tullamore whiskey as a present for my host – Jarlath.

I dozed through most of the two hour flight, greeted Dublin with a large smile, bought a 3 day tourist ticket and galloped off to the bus to take me into town. I decided to play the explorer by not taking a taxi.

Really nice scenic route covering the villages to the north of the city and finally I came to Sutton station stop. Only 5 minutes before my train left for Bayside, which was only one stop. From there I walked 6 minutes to Jarlath’s house.

He was waiting for me and surprised I had managed the public transport system on my own. Cup of tea, lots of chat then we decided to walk 15 minutes to the coast. Perhaps you know that Dublin is on the coast of the Irish Sea. There are some really nice walks and we set off to see something of the coastal area. You can see for yourself with these photos.

Later we wandered into a shopping area and I sat with a couple of nice ladies, as you can see from the photo. I gave them a kiss each to show how happy I was to finally be in Dublin. The ladies liked that!