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Special Couples

I am fortunate to know a number of special couples who enrich my life. Some even live in other countries, but here I want to introduce my Silsdeners to a Berlin couple. They are called Jutta and Gerald. Their family name is Müller (Miller in English) and so I adopted it when I took German nationality. They even smilingly address me as ‘Johannes von Müller’ when we meet :-))

Both have artistic talents, like photography, paintings, exhibitions, concerts, classical music and conversations higher than what is happening in TV Soap Operas! Gerald speaks very good English and likes to use the language. Alan and Lynne really enjoyed meeting them when they visited Berlin last year.

On my arrival from Dublin, I found a large envelope in my postbox. It was from them. They always make a ‘work-of-art’ on my birthday and this one was no exception. They have clearly put a lot of time and effort, as well as research, into producing this birthday greeting. I just had to share it with you for I know you will also enjoy it.

I scanned both sides of my card and attach here. If you wish you can click on each and open in a viewing window. There you can click on the enlarge button and read the text. It is written in German and English. There are also two photos of them in addition to one of me which I have added to the permanent left hand section of my blog. A big ‘J.von Müller-Danke’ to both!