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I’ve had a few calls/e-mails about my last post,  but no comments on my blog!!  This was about a bicycle tour with my Müggelsee Gang. Here are a few more photos and more comments from me. As we cycled south after the lunch break we found an interesting spot for a short break.

Here you can see a map of the area. It was taken by Marcel.It is called The Biesenthaler Becken. Part of it has a small high hill and in the late Middle Ages someone built a fortress on the top.

That was clearly for defence and seems to have worked inspite of modern artillery/rockets. Now it is a place for tourists to visit and climb the many steps into the tower.

Marcel borrowed my camera and took a few shots en-route and then at the top. Here is one he took looking down from the tower to me and a couple of other lazy ones who relaxed at the bottom of the hill.

Later we arrived at Larissa and H-D’s place and settled into our evening of grilling and singing Folkslied.  Here is a shot I took of Marcel sitting next to Larissa and listening to her. It reminds me of  how quieter he has become and more serious over the last few months. He seems to have settled into academic life and adopted some of the better aspects of being a university student.

I really like the time we sit around the fire talking, joking, drinking and singing. For me it is the high-point of our meetings at Larissa and H-D’s welcoming house and garden. We all enjoy it and show it in different ways. Falk likes to pose, so as I pulled out my camera he went into a pose with his wife, Elvira. I really like this shot for it shows the pure pleasure of being together and enjoying the evening with each other.