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May 2016 Things

Posting the monthly review a little early for tomorrow I’m off an a days bicycle tour with my Muggelsee Gang. I’ve talked about them before and posted photos of our various events. I hope to get some good photos tomorrow. The weather is slowly improving after a week of switching between rain, hail and bright sunshine and all within a few hours.

Looking back on April, I can say it was a good month but with nothing particularly special. I wonder if that will change in May. One change already is that the S-Bahn service will be out each weekend until mid-June. Repairs and building new things are given as the reason. On 1 May, I plan to go to our local town hall for a Fest in the park in front of the building. I may take the family with me if the weather is good. The kids will like the amusements.

Next Friday I am flying to Dublin to see the city and celebrate my birthday. Really looking forward to that. On my return I shall settle into the usual routine of activities and events that occur each month.

Who has a birthday in May? Max in Berlin starts us off with his 33rd on the 2nd May. He is followed by Mr Beard = my godson Marcel! He will be 22 on the 6th. On the 8th May I shall celebrate my 73rd birthday in a restaurant somewhere in Dublin! H.J. will celebrate his 65th in Berlin on the 11th. Dwahlin Trish celebrates her 63rd at her house on the south-west coast of Turkey on the 13th. Heike D. in Berlin has her big day with her family on 16th. On the 21st my wonderful cousin Barbara will celebrate her 71st at her home in Silsden. She is one of the two people for whom I write this blog. She shares the day with Sylvia in Brighton who will be 60 – I hope to see her there in summer. The month ends with Holger’s 52nd which he will celebrate with his family near Bremen.
 Happy Birthday to all and each of us :-))  PROST!