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All that glitters

All that glitters is not gold! I was reminded of the saying by Daniel for he likes the glitter of silver. We somehow got into conversation about metals for he collects coins and silver objects. I mentioned I had some silver and other things in the cellar and had not seen them for years.

This immediately roused his curiosity and he asked to see them. On a couple of his visits I had forgotten to look in the cellar but last Friday I took the time. I found things covered in newspapers dated 1994/5 in plastic bags. I brought them upstairs and left them for Daniel to unpack.

This he duly did and you can see what was inside. I was very surprised for I had forgotten about most of the things. They represent a much earlier period in my life and when I lived in a house in the UK much larger than my current flat.  I do remember driving to the UK a number of times so I must have packed them into the boot of the car and brought them here.

My problem is a lack of space to display them. They represent India, Turkey and a couple of other countries and I am not sure they will fit in with other objects in my flat. Daniel liked them all and promised to ask his father to repair a broken candlestick when he returns to Berlin.

Now all I have to do is clean them, or just pack then up again and return to the cellar!