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Bumming Around

The day after the smoked fish adventure, a postcard dropped into my mailbox. It had taken a couple of weeks to travel from London. Normally you allow 5 days maximum but sometimes I get cards posted even up to 3/4 weeks before delivery. I sometimes wonder if the postal service has gone back to using horses to move mail.

It was from Holger and Gabi – from Bremen area. They went to London for a break and to see their son who is having a ‘Gap Year’ (it’s modern American jargon!) before starting university. I helped his parents to find a very nice family to stay with while he has his ‘Gap’ and discovers life in London. He is staying with a couple I know from uni days and they have two sons, both of whom are studying. 

I liked the humor of the postcard so decided to share the smile with you. As you can read the card is titled, ‘Just Bumming Around in London’. This is a word play on the words ‘ to bum around’.

It also made me smile for the ladies are running towards The Houses of Parliament wearing nothing but high heels! It reminded me of the culture and values of 1968 when things began to change in Brit-Land. Thanks both for I still smile and have happy memories when I look at it.