Left bed

From above

I’m having a very lazy day and really enjoying it. This morning I cleaned my palace, did all the lesson preparation for next week followed by an hour of Spanish homework. It is for Maria because the class is not meeting next Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday afternoon I’m meeting my SPD Oldies for a visit to the Post Museum. I have been there before but it is many years ago. I always enjoy visits to places with this group. Next week is a ‘normal’ one for me with nothing special – but then this could always change!

On Friday afternoon I met my Photoshop Gang as usual. Over coffee and cakes we got a report from one of the gang about his recent US – Caribbean ships cruise. It was very interesting, but I am still not sure I would like to be stuck on a ship with X thousand Oldies. Sister P. likes it for she goes on such a cruise twice a year with her husband. Perhaps I should try it sometime.

After that we moved into the computer room and started work on changing some photographs. I changed six but decided to show only three in this report. The topic was ‘Berlin From Above’ and based on photos taken earlier by Stefan. We tried a new programme and I had a lot of fun discovering what it could do.

You can see I played at being the creator of the universe. I decided to add lots of bubbles to the sky over Berlin, the moved to adding a fire explosion to the sky. After playing around with more themes I decided to add light peering into the city from the clouds. Great fun.

Off to Hönow tomorrow to take Oldie H. out for a walk. He needs the movement and it won’t do me any harm!