Left bed

Dracula Eyes

I started with Dracula Eyes about a week ago. It gets worse each day. So far I have spent the day hiding in my mini-palace with all the windows closed. It doesn’t work. The pollen somehow gets into the flat. Late morning I dusted in my living room and the cloth was full of dust and pollen.

In my garden there are lots of trees on my Allergy List. Now is the time when they are pumping out pollen and my body reacts. In this case with Dracula Eyes. They burn as if there was acid in them and turn red. Here is a pic of the main tree and my eye-drops.

I have now put my dark glasses into my bag so that I can put them on when I am travelling on public transport. If I sit in the U/S-Bahn with Dracula Eyes all the kids start screaming and mothers look at me as if I had just come out of a horror film. So I wear dark glasses to disguise my reaction to this pollen.

Refugee family Papa came to visit a short time ago. We are having interesting problems trying to find them a flat. When we find a 5 room flat and register, then get permission to contact the provider, I always get lots of different ways of saying ‘No’. Be it the documents the family have allowing them to stay, or the number of rooms, or that they cannot read the contract in German, the list of excuses grows each day.

All this is new to me and unfortunately I detect some anti-foreigner sentiment in the tone and vocabulary of some who answer my calls. In a couple of hours I am going to a political meeting about Care of Refugees and Providing for them. Should be interesting to compare what the speakers say with my daily experience of trying to get them a flat!!