Left bed


Relaxen is the German verb for the English verb ‘to relax’. I did it a short time ago on my balcony. Yesterday I cleaned my plastic garden/balcony seat and my white plastic table. Both live on my balcony and had gathered six months of dust.

They emerged shiny and white once the dust was removed. This morning we had nearly 20°C in Berlin and the sun shone through hazy clouds. I settled into my seat for the first time this year. I did some Spanish homework and then found this in my book.

It said the following was a Spanish song and I should learn it by heart. Perhaps you know it –
“Besame, besame mucho/ como si fuera esta noche la ultima vez./ Besame, besame mucho/ que tengo miedo perderte/ perderte otra vez.”   

For non-Spanish speakers it means:  “Kiss me, kiss me with all your heart/ as if this night would be the last/ Kiss me, kiss me with all your heart/ for I am afraid to lose you/ to lose you again.”   Now isn’t that nice :-))

I then read another chapter in my History of Germany book. This time it was about Bismarck, including his relationship with Kaiser Wilhelm I. It covers the time from 1850 to 1890. A very important period in shaping ‘modern’ Germany. Hope you are enjoying a ‘relaxender’ day.