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April 2016 Things

I got a call from Vater this morning to say he had received an E-mail from the property agency we contacted earlier about a flat for his family. He didn’t understand it so I told him to send to me.

This he duly did and I translated and returned to him. He is allowed to contact the owners of the property personally. Now to step 2.

March was a pleasant month with lots of things I enjoyed doing. April has many of the same appointments and activities, but I have a feeling of seasonal change as the weather improves and we have more blue sky and sunshine.

I’m looking forward to bicycle tours and getting into the countryside. The month ends with a bicycle tour with my Muggelsee Gang. Looking forward to that!

And now you can pick up your ‘smart-phone’  – see the photo! I hear they can only speak one sentence in English by adding ‘like’ ten times to other..like..er..like…words…like..er.. Is it really getting so bad?

Who has a birthday in April? Actually, more than in March. Horst from Kerstin’s Keep Fitters will celebrate his 82nd birthday on 4th April with his wife and family. Now that is a good age to celebrate. Uli from my Mug-Gang will be 69 on the 6th. His wife Petra has her birthday on the 8th and Daniel B. in Australia will celebrate his 37th a day later. Dennis in California will celebrate his 61st with his family on 11th followed by book author and lecturer Neil D for his 59th on the 13th who will enjoy a few beers with his lady in Essen. My great-nephew Henri will be 6 on the 18th and Mathias, my business partner and executor of my will, can enjoy his 52nd on the 19th. Peter L. in Altlandsburg will celebrate his 53rd with Andre on the 22nd. Birgit F. will be 52 on the 24th and I am sure I shall be there to enjoy a glass of Sekt. And that ends birthdays for this month.
Happy Birthday to each and all, and many more of them. Cheers –  Prost!
UPDATE: Diane in Keighley told me I had forgotten her grandson Matthew’s 18th birthday on  14th April. Sorry Matthew! Have a great day and I’ll see you and family in July.