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Blueboy heart melter

I’ve had a very interesting few days since I was robbed on Tuesday. Thanks to all who contacted me. I had a particularly pleasant time yesterday and today. Yesterday I bought the younger son (lets call him A2) a rucksack. I picked one in blue for I noted he liked this colour.

This morning Papa and big brother (lets call him A1) came to my Palace. I gave them a collection of things given to me by a number of Oldies and then I gave A2 his rucksack. The room suddenly radiated bright light from his happy smile! I think you can see this in the photo I took. That smile would melt the hardest of hearts!! I bought the brothers bicycle locks and gave them more Easter chocolates courtesy of my Keep-Fit-Oldies.

While Papa sat with me at the computer and telephone to apply for a flat, the boys stayed in the kitchen and did the German and English homework I had prepared. They did all the work I had set them as Papa and I eventually found a flat large enough for the family in north-east Berlin. They then left to meet Mutti and sister for lunch at the refugee centre.

We had arranged to meet later and we ‘boys’ took the Tram to the Vietnamese Shopping Centre in the middle of our district. We wanted sports clothes for the boys but unfortunately we did not find them on offer. Instead we found a rucksack for Papa, an electric kettle for Mutti and shoes for the boys. I found it interesting watching how they selected things and talked about their selection in Farsi. When they talked to me I noted they used more English than German. That will change over time.

All the money donated by a number of kind people was spent so we decided to take the tram home. During the journey, Papa kept telling me how happy the boys were. I only had to look at their faces to see he was right.    UPDATE: Blueboy voted Photo of the Month