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Finding Eggs

I’ve just returned from meeting my ‘adopted’ family at the refugee home. Really nice Spring weather today with warm sun and blue skies. Just heard about the storms that have been sweeping the south of England. How different it is here. I wonder if it is a climate reaction to the England – Germany football match result :-((

I met Papa and the children outside the home. Security staff stop anyone from entering who is not registered. I then hid chocolate eggs and a chocolate ‘bunny’ with a bell around its neck. The children really enjoyed searching for the eggs and eventually found them. I took a few photos for you to enjoy.

Johanna recently gave me a rucksack and coat to give to them and others gave me money for the kids need sports clothes for school. The elder boy really enjoyed getting a rucksack. Father and I are meeting on Thursday to call lots of offices to register for a flat. The family is still living in one room!

I gave father some money to get a bicycle for the younger boy. There is a project at the home where old bikes are repaired and you can buy one very cheaply, or hire one for a day. The boys need to get mobile and burn some energy off by cycling. They can also cycle to school and save the tram fare.

On Thursday afternoon the boys are meeting us. We are going to a shopping centre for sports clothes. Father then said the elder son needed shoes. He only has one pair and the top of one shoe has split exposing his toes. Hope the money I have collected is enough for what they need.

They are all now learning German and spoke to me in German when we met. I need to find some cheap dictionaries and even an old laptop. At least the family is safe even if there are many things they need.