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Down Under

Birgit and Ian are touring the Blue Mountains ‘Down Under’. Exactly a year ago I was there enjoying a tour into, and around, the Blue Mountains courtesy of Colin and his car.

They sent me Easter greetings just before they started via this nun. Have a look at what is hanging from her belt :-))  I’ve just opened a message and found another image. This one Birgit called ‘Cockatoos in the mist’.

Really nice image and congratulations to you Birgit for snapping the birds. They were perching on the balcony of their B&B where they had apples for breakfast. Or perhaps ‘they’ is not  Ian and Birgit, but the cockatoos in which case Birgit and Ian were feeding apples to the cockatoos! Hope they enjoyed their breakfast.

Nice to see how other people are relaxing and enjoying the Easter holiday. I don’t think any Silsdeners are feeding cockatoos!