Left bed


I’ve just created a new word. See above. Yes, I was invited to an Easter breakfast which turned out to be a feast. Just look at this photo of what was on the tablecloth. I was invited to Gerald and Jutta’s flat for breakfast. As usual I arrived late, but then that was expected. They know me.

We caught up on news as we munched our way through the feast. Holiday plans, health, the latest on my old/new families, and teaching Oldies were a few of the topics we covered. We talked about Colin and the gang in Ozland for Johanna is spending summer there.

We then posed for a photo to send to the Ozland family and friends. Nice poses. I recently picked up news that Ian and Birgit had headed for the Blue Mountains to enjoy their Easter. Oh, happy memories of my travels there a year ago. Hope you are all enjoying the Easter break wherever you are.

If you live in Europe, don’t forget to turn on your TV this evening. I can hear you asking why. Because Germany is playing England at football. The game is in Berlin and it is what is called a ‘friendly’. That means new, younger players can get some experience playing at national level. The German team will, of course, win :-)))  UPDATE: England won 3:2. Long faces in the German team!