Left bed

Visiting beards

Last week two beards of differing length and thickness came to visit me. The first was Daniel who arrived for an English lesson on Saturday morning. He brought some chocolate cakes made by his aunt. She has a bakery in Moldova and sent an Easter present. Nice of Daniel to share with me, and the cakes were delicious.

We checked his homework, chatted and then I took a coupe of photos of him to send to his family back in Moldova, particularly his grandparents. I like this photo taken slightly from the side and showing different light and darkness shades. Here you can see his beard and it is all of one week old!

Later that day my phone rang. It was Marcel. He asked if I would be home that weekend and I replied in the positive. Shortly after, he arrived with a very bushy ‘underchin’. It was nice to see him after such a long time. He has now settled into his new student style flat, still has an evening job and studies at the uni every day.

Both of them study hard in their respective fields and their German is also expanding rapidly. They only speak English with me for they say it the only chance they have. Marcel was hungry so he prepared a pizza with salad. Lots of chatting and jokes then time for ‘sleepies’

I hit the ‘land of nod’ immediately but not him. He slept late and staggered out of bed at 10.30 am saying he was hungry – again!  He cooked a rather substantial breakfast for himself. I could not resist taking this snap. I really like the ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ look, and yes he did eat all that for breakfast. I really enjoyed his visit and look forward to the next. Must buy some more eggs!!