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Irish Day

Irish people by nationality, or those by descent like me, traditionally celebrate being Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

The name shows its historical links to the catholic church, which are increasingly meaningless. Perhaps we should just call it Irish Day.

I recently opened my e-mails and found a simple message from I&B in Sydney. Thanks to both. Australia is one of the countries with a large Irish descended community.

Mix that with Oz dry humour and we get such jokes as this one. I think it is great and would give the writer at least an extra pint of beer!

Back to Berlin and the weather has returned to grey, cold and wet. I did my Oldie fitness training with Kerstin this morning, then left to meet my Photoshop Gang. We did some work by adding gold to images, which I shall share with you later.

Back at home, my academic arrived to look at all the corrections I had made to the Introduction to his doctoral thesis. He accepted my corrections, and we discussed changes he needs to make. That is his homework for the weekend. We are meeting on Monday evening to check the changes. Have a nice weekend.