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Camera for Oldies

I did some cleaning and sorting out midweek and found an old friend. Yes, my Olympus Trip 35 proudly claiming ‘Made in Japan’ on the back of the camera. It was in a cloth bag with Prinz Jupiter 177, also ‘Made in Japan’ Some of you may know this to be a flash powered by two AA batteries.

Holding it really is like entering another age. I put it in my rucksack and took some photos as I travelled around. Yes, there was a roll of film inside. I’m going to Hönow tomorrow for lunch with Oldie H so shall take a few photos of the countryside there. I’m interested in seeing the photos when developed.

I took it with me yesterday when I went to my Oldie Photoshop Gang. They were all amused to see such an antique and talked about their first cameras and adventures leaning to use a similar model. Stefan took this photo of me. He used the camera in his smartphone. This clearly demonstrated the advances in camera technology over a relatively short period.

Another very busy week and a similar one waits for me from Monday. Had an interesting Skype chat with Ian in Sydney this morning. Covered many topics and caught up on events there.  I still can’t believe how Daniel could answer the mystery photo questions a couple of posts ago. I was sitting on a beach if you remember! How did he know all that?