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Mixed Things

Yes, this post is a mixture of topics and time. Let’s start with meeting my adopted family this morning and heading off to a shopping centre. I told you I had collected money from my SPD Oldies to buy things for 7 year old P.   Her mother explained size, colour and cut for a little girl.

Daughter P. loved the experience. She jumped from one display to the next. We followed the list set down by her teacher and eventually got all except sport shorts. We are going to look for them next Thursday afternoon. Here is a photo of a her with a wonderful smile and the things we bought this morning.

She has two brothers and the youngest one had an accident on his bicycle last Wednesday. To hospital where he got a plaster cast on his right arm. Yes, a broken bone. I am looking for a bicycle for his older brother. Falling off bikes is part of being a boy and learning not to fall off a bike!

Both boys have now had doctor health checks, which you have to have here before you can start school. I hope this means they will be allocated a school soon.

Ulli und die Grauen Zellen were just as expected and described in my last post. I expected them to be an ‘Ozzi’ band but not so. They started life as a ‘boy band’ in West Berlin in the 1970s.

Finally some more German for you.  Der Pfarrgartengrundstückserwerbsfinazierungsplanbeschluss = it has 54 letters. What does it all mean? The first bit means parish garden property, the next bit means the approval of a decision for the finance plan for purchase and the last bit means a decision. I think you will find learning Hindi much easier. I did  🙂  Have a lazy Sunday.