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March 2016 Things

Daniel has just called and among other things was the question, “Are you ill?” I replied, “No, but I’ve had a very busy last few days. Why do you ask?”. “You haven’t posted about the month of March with the monkey face”, was his answer. “Crikey, you’re right!” was my response, “Thanks for reminding me.”

I told you I spent all the weekend reading documents for a meeting and they were written in ‘Amts-deutsch’, but that was good preparation for what was to come. On Monday I met my English Group 1 Oldies and after took the S-Bahn to Müller Straße. There you will find the Berlin state offices of the SPD. I had been invited to a meeting of the International Labour Party group in Berlin.

The main point for discussion was about the UK staying in the EU, or not, and whether to found a formal branch of the Labour Party in Berlin. The meeting decided the former was more important at the moment, so that would get priority, and in autumn we would discuss the transition to a formal branch.

On Tuesday I had a homework-help-meeting with Maria, taught my English Group 2 Oldies, had my Spanish lesson and then left for another corner of Berlin for my first meeting as newly elected Vertreter of my housing association. Thank goodness I had read all the material last weekend for I was able to follow the sometimes detailed points of the meeting. After, I had a much needed beer with my co-Vertreter.

Now to ask Who has a Birthday in March?  It is International Womens’ Day on the 8th March so half the world’s population has a special day then! I shall be handing out red roses donated by our SPD branch in the morning. On 19 March my MacBook and the Asus Eee laptops will be 8 years old. In computer language this is equivalent to being 95 years old. I shall give them an electric shock as a present! Dr. Günter will celebrate his birthday with family in Berlin on the 22nd, Dr. Bernd will likewise celebrate in Bernau on the 29th and the month ends with my liebe Johanna and her birthday party in Berlin on the 31st.               Happy Birthday to one and all!!

PS: Where am I in the photo on the right? Answers on a postcard to….’Er..well..ehm..na ja..er like..’