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Workshop and AGM

Yesterday was an ELTABB day. In case your memory is failing ELTABB means English Language Teachers’ Association Berlin-Brandenburg. I co-founded it over 20 years ago and was honoured to be made its first Honorary Member two years ago.

The association is officially registered as a charity. This means we have to return membership payments via workshops and social events. We keep a working reserve, but we can’t make big profits. Saturday started with a workshop about using mobile devices in the language classroom.

All new for me and I found it really interesting. Our guide was Nicky and she heads such a teaching company based in Spain. She is also a very experienced teacher so she brought lots of experience to the subject.

 I was pleased to hear that many ‘Oldies’ use such technology in the classroom when they are learning English. For example, four of my Monday Oldies use them!

After a warm vegetarian lunch, we started our AGM. I have always liked these annual meetings and listening to reports. We had a good year and managed to spend more on events that we took in. We had to do this because the year before we were building too high a surplus.

We said goodbye to the old Board and welcomed the now one. Actually, half of the old Board will be in the new one. Continuity is important. Here are a few photos of both events. You can see that I get up to other things apart from political meetings!