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I have visitors. F+ and his daughter P+ are here. This line was written to show F+ how I write this blog.  Later Post: They arrived at 9.45. What a time to visit on a Sunday morning! I usually open my mouth for tea and fruit bread at that time but never open my door!

We had problems to contact each other via phone earlier so that is why they came. It was their first visit. Can I hear you asking who they are? Yes, I can. The family of five lives in a refugee home in my district. I have posted about this before. I have unofficially ‘adopted’ them and am currently getting people in my circle of friends to help them.

They are father and mother with two teenage sons and a lovely daughter, who you can see is not a teenager. We collect clothes, school books and writing material for the children, and clothes and other things for the parents.

They have a phone with internet connection and the eldest son had tried to open a page which I suspect had a virus.  He asked if he could connect to my computer and try to remove it. I said no.  Fortunately, he knows a computer expert so I suggested he tried him first. The dangers of the internet if you do not have an anti-virus programme!