Left bed

Snowing again

It’s snowing again! The temperature also dropped to 3°C after a dry, windy start to the day. I even did a special wash of bedding. I managed to rescue them as the snow intensified. They are now hanging about in my flat to finish off drying.  I did this on my return from meeting the Camera Club Oldies.

They liked my six photos, particularly the one showing all the pipes. Two of them were mechanics so they had a lot to talk about. They are from Saxony so I always find it interesting to listen to their accents and vocabulary.

Talking of which, I am listening to a piece of music by my favourite composer. Yes, it is Herr van Beethoven. It was recorded last Saturday (13 Feb) at a concert to remember those killed in the bombing of Dresden on the 13th February 1945. I’m listening via my Wi-Fi radio to station MDR Figaro.

It’s being broadcast from the Semperoper in Dresden. It was opened in 1841 and has 1,300 seats, all  sold out for this performance. The music is Beethoven’s Missa solemnis Op. 123. It is a magnificent piece of music and the Sanctus Benedictus is an unbelievable blend of voices and violin way in front of its musical time. I turn to jelly whenever I hear it. Listen and judge for yourself.